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Colorado - A Living Landscape 4K
For the 8 years I've lived in Colorado, I've been most enthralled by the short but incredible fall foliage season Jason Hatfield
The Future of Fashion
i-D journeys back to 2013 to look back on conversations about changes in technology, and the effects these have on i-D
100 Years of Festive Fashion in 3 Minutes
100 years of festive fashion in two minutes—it’s possible! From glitzy 1920s dresses, to the blogger #OOTD of the 2010s: Stylight
Day in the Life: Fashion Designer
Melissa Fleis went from working at a retailer to becoming a designer on Project Runway to owning her own clothing ConnectEd
How To Look Fashionable | Fashion Trends 2017
Are you a fashionista who is always curious to know about trends or a person who doesn’t know how to BookMyStyle
Fashion Hacks For Gaping Tops
From my many experiences as a stylist I've had my fair share of fashion emergencies. Follow this video for quick Lauren Messiah
Today me and my sister attended a car event in dubai. Very awesome crowd of people aka the millionaires and Mo Vlogs
So today me and my family went to a crazy water park in Dubai. We went to Wild Wadi and Mo Vlogs
100 Years of Fashion: Women ★ Mode.com
Get ready for a trip down fashion’s memory lane. In 2 minutes, we’re highlighting top style trends, from 1915 to Mode
Cam McCaul - Sweet Morning Light
Cam McCaul of Trek C3 Project headed out to southern Utah when the season started to wind down. He had Harrison Mendel
10 Fashion Trends That Need To Go Away
10 Fashion trends so in right now but not suitable for everyone. What fashion trend do you love most? Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That TheTalko
Eurotrip 2016 - A Hyperlapse Journey
Prague, Vienna, Merano, Dresden, Berlin and Hamburg - a hyperlapse journey Cameras used: Canon 5DMKIII Canon 70D Canon 450D Lenses used: Canon 16-35mm Tokina 11-16mm Samyang 24mm Music: Two ideja-media
Colors of New York   When I was in New York for producing timelapse in a cold winter time, I encountered streets jansoli
Bucharest Rising
Bucharest Rising is a timelapse film set in the bustling capital city of Romania. The goal of this project is Mihai Doarna
Kelly vs The Volcano: A Memorial film
It is with mixed emotions we release this film. Our good friend and absolute champion of a person, Kelly "McGazza" CoLab Creative
Water Hunters
A short-movie by IBRIDO, written and directed by Salvatore Centoducati and Massimo Ottoni. Produced by Regione Piemonte, Regione autonoma Valle IBRIDO
Monceau Fleurs
Annonceur : Monceau Fleurs Responsables annonceur : Bruno Blaser – Virginie Steinbach – Sophie Brachet Agence : St John's Responsables agence : Aurélien Damien Krisl
Animal Planet Rebrand
Discovery Channel invited DBLG to refresh it's channel Animal Planet. Coinciding with the launch of the HD simulcast for Animal DBLG
POLO & PAN - Coeur Croisé
Music Video for COEUR CROISÉ, a song by POLO & PAN, Hamburger Records Director: Pablo Maestres Producer: Laia Barot Production Company: Frenzy Pablo Maestres
Written & Directed by: Spike Jonze Actress: Margaret Qualley Executive Producer: Humberto Leon & Carol Lim Costumes: Heidi Bivens Song: Mutant Brain (feat. Heidi Bivens
Bernard Kerr - Queenstown Dreaming
Bernard Kerr spends his winter down in the southern side of the world preparing for his Crankworx and World Cup Pivot Cycles
One minute in Moscow
Moscow is a truly vibrant and exciting city. Walking along its endless avenues, you can feel the fascinating heritage Enrique Pacheco
Nike X Libertys 2016
Directed by Mollie Mills Cinematography by Jordan Buck Grade by Joseph Bicknell at Cheat Jordan Buck
Fashion Diary:: Amsterdam Fashion Week
In this video I take you on a journey to the beautiful city of Amsterdam! 'Thumbs UP' if you enjoy Evelina
Monsters - Motion Poetry
A Film by: Method Design Directed by: Ivan Girard Creative Director: Jon Noorlander CG Supervisor: Ivan Guerrero Executive Producer: Angela Lupo Producers: Emily Schaeberle, Adrienne Method Studios
The Ultimate Guide: Dolphins (Discovery Channel)
Conveying a sense of freedom, fun, grace, compassion, peace and beauty, the charismatic dolphin appears to defy the laws of Nico Sy
Ralph Lauren: How I Built a Fashion Empire
Oct. 26 (Bloomberg) -- This episode of Game Changers spotlights the career of fashion designer Ralph Lauren. Explore his meteoric Bloomberg
Introducing Google Wind
Holland is one of the greatest countries to live in, but the biggest downside is that it rains 145 days Google Nederland